Casting Talent Management

What We Offer

You could choose to be a Movie or Soapie extra, a feature in Commercials, a background actor or a main actor…whatever your choice/s, you have come to the right Agency to help you on your journey. 

We are a preregistered, BEE compliant company that sports a PMA certification, setting us aside from the majority and sport a BEE compliance certificate.

We work hard, as the name suggests: “ACTIVE CASTING TALENT MANAGEMENT”, to provide work. (Provided you are of standard and available).

We guide and assist you, as best we can so that you  can be adequate in the roles you wish to fulfill.

And ultimately hopefully reach your full potential and your dreams. Remember:  “What you put in is what you get out”.

We like to have the best on our team, or those who aspire to be the best. Aspirations are what builds stars.

Remember: We will guide you as best we can.

It will be a tough journey, with long, hard hours of work, but totally worth it, when you see the end-product/s.


Our Vision and Mission is to promote stability in the Film Industry and provide every individual who is serious about the Film Industry a fair and equal opportunity to prove themselves and thereby reaching their goals. Whether your goal is to simply earn extra income, or becoming a big star, we will guide and assist you wherever we can.


ABSOLUTELY ANYBODY!  From babies to the older folk, and all in between. People with scars, birthmarks, tattoo’s, ugly, pretty, fat, skinny, any race or gender. IT IS A “NO DISCRIMINATION” INDUSTRY. There is need for all types of people, never mind what disability you might have or think you have – this industry caters for ALL! 

If you are not trained as Professional Actor or Model, there is still work that would be offered to you.

The only thing required is CONFIDENCE! Lots of confidence in yourself, hard work and dedication. You MUST HAVE EXCELLENT TIME KEEPING AND BE RELIABLE!

The only criteria is that you  must have a valid Tax Number.

Having your own transport is an advantage.

Registration Cost

The Registration cost per individual is R350. (Compulsory)  
This covers 3 photo’s to be taken of yourself and all the administration involved to be able to supply you with adequate work possibilities.

You may also request a “Z-Card” at R150.(Not compulsory)
This is like a “little CV” for yourself and is very helpful and sometimes very necessary to obtain work.

A Professional Photo Shoot can be booked @ R350. (Not compulsory) 
This is recommended if you want to better your chances of being offered work and also for more professional Artists.

We can assist you with obtaining a Tax Number if you do not currently have one @ R750.
If you are registered for tax, but don’t know your Tax Number, we can assist you with obtaining our Income Tax Number @ R350.

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Meet The Team

Bennie Wolmarans


Chief Financial Officer

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Hendrik Venter

Chief Information Officer

Advertising Manager

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Annette Venter

Head Co-ordinator / Johannesburg 

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